About Michigan Crop Improvement Association

The Michigan Crop Improvement Association was incorporated in 1927 as a nonprofit education and service organization by Michigan seed growers. The purpose of the association is to foster and promote the production and use of improved seed stocks in Michigan, to serve as an official seed certification agency for the state of Michigan and to provide other related services to benefit its members and the agricultural industry. Michigan Crop Improvement Association provides the following services: Seed Certification, insuring seed meets state and federal quality levels; Quality Assurance program, a non-biased third party quality control system; Identity Preserved program, a system to maintain grain or seed identity; Foundation Seed production, increasing new varieties and rouging offtypes; Custom conditioning, with quality equipment; Seed quality testing, with two Registered Seed Technologists, RST’s; and Phytosanitary disease inspections.

Our Mission

To assist the Michigan seed industry by providing: genetic, disease, agronomic, and marketing information, through Foundation seed production, field inspection, and lab testing, to facilitate the movement of seed or plant products in local, national, and international markets.

Our Vision

The vision of Michigan Crop Improvement Association is to be the official source for unbiased field and lab testing genetic purity, seed quality, or trait purity. Further, to accurately evaluate and document the genetic purity and contamination levels of Michigan produced fields. These evaluations are based on a thorough knowledge of seed production, varietal characteristics, field certification or quality standards, and procedures for field inspection.